Thursday, 18 December 2014

Women and Hair Loss – Coping With Losing Your Hair

Whilst losing your hair is never easy, no matter who you are, but hair loss can be particularly difficult to deal with for women, especially if they are young or going through a difficult time in their life.

There are many different reasons for hair loss in women, including hormone deficiencies, age, stress, dehydration, as well as illness and side effects of medical treatment. It is estimated that as many as 8 million women in the UK suffer from hair loss, however, there is still a considerable social stigma associated with losing your hair when you are a woman, making this time all the more difficult. As hair is so commonly associated with beauty and femininity, going bald can be extremely hard to take.

It is not unusual for women to avoid social activities where their hair loss may be discovered, or become generally reclusive. Some women may even worry whether their friends will still like them, or their partner still love them. It is not uncommon for women to lose a lot of self-esteem, but there are ways to cope with hair loss.

By visiting a hair replacement clinic, a woman can find out the best solution for them. By using microscopy hair analysis technology, hair specialists can take a close look at the condition of the scalp, as well as individual hair follicles and hair bulbs. By looking closely at the scalp, they can often see problems taking place before the hair even penetrates through the scalp – this allows them to treat hair loss problems at the source rather than having to wait to until hair shows or having to identify why hair is not growing at all.

Once the cause of hair loss is identified, hair replacement specialists can then identify the right solution to help. In some cases of more minor hair loss, the problem can be treated with specialist scallop and shampoo products that are designed to strengthen and support the hair as it grows naturally, as well as balancing out any nutritional deficits in the roots of the hair.

If your hair is unlikely to grow back, there are other solutions for thinning hair or partial hair loss:
  • Powder based spray can be used to colour the scalp, creating the appearance of much thicker hair. These kind of products wash out and simple to use.
  • Stock or custom made human hair pieces can be colour matched and styled to blend in with a person’s own hair.
For women suffering with severe, or complete hair loss, human hair or synthetic wigs can be bought from stock or custom made to discreetly create the appearance of a full head of healthy hair. There are a number of considerations for a woman to make before choosing a wig. Synthetic hair wigs may be less expensive than human hair wigs, however, they cannot be styled, so if a woman wishes to wear her hair in different ways, she would have to buy more than one wig. However, if a woman is happy to wear just one style, a synthetic wig returns to same style when washed and are as such very low maintenance. On the other hand, human hair wigs are much more natural in terms of colour and feel, and can be styled in any way.

When it comes to making the choice of which wig to buy, it all comes down to personal preference, and what makes a woman feel better about herself, allowing her to feel more confident and happy.

It can also be hugely beneficial for women suffering with hair loss to talk to other women with the same problems to learn more about different coping methods - There are many Alopecia support groups around the UK. Some people may prefer to talk to others online and this can be equally helpful.

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