Thursday, 23 October 2014

How Pink Hair Can Provide A Practical Solution For Women Experiencing Hair Loss

There are many reasons as to why women lose their hair, and here at Pink Hair Solutions we are able to provide a selection of realistic hair replacement systems which can help to ease the distress of the individual experiencing the hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by anything from stress and hormone imbalance, to undergoing chemotherapy treatment, alopecia or trichotillomania, and whatever the reason for the hair loss, it is bound to have a huge emotional effect on the woman involved.

We all use our hair to make a personal statement about us.  Whether we choose to style and colour our hair regularly or whether we prefer to go for the more natural look, our hair can be seen as a reflection of our personality, and most women would agree that our hair is a key element of our femininity.  Women who experience hair loss can therefore feel daunted at the prospect of losing their hair and will often want to speak to a specialist who can help to disguise their hair loss as discreetly as possible.

At Pink Hair Solutions our experienced team are able to offer women a caring and personal service in which the most suitable hair replacement system can be identified and utilised.  Whether the lady needs just a small section of hair loss to be covered, or perhaps a whole head, we will carefully choose a system which will match the woman’s natural hair colour and texture.  Our clients can choose from a hair system which either integrates human hair or artificial hair, and it is down to personal choice as to which hair is used within the hair replacement system.

In the past, it was usually fairly obvious if a woman was wearing a wig, however wigs have moved on enormously and it can be quite difficult to determine a wig from a woman’s natural head of hair.  We aim to use the most realistic hair replacement systems wherever possible in order to give the client the best possible result, to allow her to feel confident and back to her normal self.

If you are experiencing hair loss and you wish to learn more about hair replacement for women, please feel free to get in touch with us on 0121 350 3826 or visit our website. 

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