Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Pink Hair Solutions’ Success With New Post-Chemotherapy Shampoos

Here at Pink Hair Solutions, we are pleased to announce that we are having fantastic results with the La Biosthetique range of scalp shampoos. Ladies are coming to us after they have finished their chemotherapy asking if we can help to prepare their scalp ready for their hair to regrow. We advise them to use one of the range from La Bio, which helps promote a healthy scalp and also improves the condition of the hair that is coming through. The results start to show in just weeks or a few months, and our ladies have found that the more consistent the application, the better result.

These post-chemotherapy shampoos and applications are prescriptive to the clients own needs, with products available for the following hair types and conditions:

·         Dry scalp
·         Oily scalp
·         Sensitive scalp
·         Fine hair
·         Dandruff
·         Hair loss
·         Damaged hair

All of the products can be purchased at the Pink Hair Solutions salon. We are able to advise our ladies regarding which scalp shampoo would be most suitable for them and can also explain how and when to use the highly effective products.

As an additional service, we can offer microscopie, where we take 15-20 hairs from the scalp with the bulbs attached and then put them under a microscope to see the root of the problem.  We do this so as to try to identify the cause of the hair loss. There is a charge of just £30 for this service. To find out more, feel free to telephone the salon on 0121 350 3826 in order to speak to a member of our friendly team.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to remind you of our open weekend which is coming up on 21 and 22 June 2014.  Please feel free to come along and meet the Pink Hair Solutions team, as well as take advantage of our sale of wigs and bras.  To find out more about our open day please read our blog post.

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