Thursday, 3 April 2014

Find Out More About Pink By Visiting Our Open Days on 21 and 22 June

Here at Pink Hair Solutions we are pleased to announce that we are opening our doors to the public on 21st and 22nd June 2014 so that we can showcase the services we offer to women who may be experiencing hair loss.  Our open days will take place at our hair replacement centre at 78 Hawthorn Road in Birmingham, and we welcome visitors from all over Birmingham and the surrounding areas. 

If you don’t already know what we do, then let us tell you a little about what we can offer our clients.  We were set up back in 2007 in order to offer a service to women who were experiencing hair loss as a result of undergoing chemotherapy.  Many women felt that by losing their hair, they were losing a part of their femininity.  We wanted to help these women by providing them with effective and natural looking hair replacement options to allow them to regain some of their self-confidence whilst they were undergoing an emotional and often traumatic experience.

Of course, hair loss in women isn’t only caused by chemotherapy.  There are lots of women within the UK who are losing their hair perhaps as a result of a hormone deficiency, stress, alopecia or trichotillomania.  Whatever the reason for the hair loss, we aim to provide a natural looking solution for the individual so that she can start to feel better about herself and her self-esteem can increase.

At our open days we will be providing some fantastic offers for new clients, so if you are experiencing hair loss yourself or perhaps you know someone who is unhappy with their thinning hair, then we’d love to see you at our clinic where we can talk you through some of our effective hair replacement solutions.

You may also be interested to hear that in addition to our hair replacement service, we are also now able to offer some luxurious beauty treatments too.  Sam, our beauty therapist, is able to offer a range of treatments to clients including a microdermabrasion facial and a CND manicure or pedicure.  If you feel like you need a bit of pampering, then feel free to give Sam a call on 07701012796 and she can talk you through her opening offers.

To find out more about our services please do visit our website or give us a call on 0121 350 3826.  If you can make it to the open days then we’d love to see you there!

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