Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Choosing the Right Hairpiece or Wig for Hair Loss

Whatever the cause, experiencing temporary or permanent hair loss can be an extremely challenging time for many women. It may take a while to adjust to the difference, however there are a number of ways to help manage and improve how you feel about these changes.

In recent years wigs and hair pieces have become much more sophisticated and of a higher quality, making them ideal for women who want to cover hair loss without people noticing. As the solution has become more popular, there is also a huge variety of hair pieces to choose from, allowing for personalisation and the ability to match the appearance of natural hair. One of the most common concerns about wearing a wig or hairpiece is that it will look noticeably false or unnatural, yet with the quality and choice available today, you can feel assured that no one will be able to tell that you are wearing one. 

 Why opt for a hairpiece?

Hair can often act as an extension of your personality or individuality, and those experiencing hair loss may feel less confident in themselves or unhappy with their appearance. A wig or hairpiece can really boost self-esteem and return femininity and identity. Additionally, hairpieces can give you the opportunity to try out new styles and experiment with colour. There are countless options to see how short, long, curly, straight, blonde or red hair can transform you!

Another major benefit is the minimal maintenance required – there’ll be no need to spend the time and money on getting your hair manageable and ready in the mornings, on hairstyling products or trips to the hairdresser. Depending on whether you opt for human or synthetic based hair pieces, the amount of upkeep can be minimal or allow you to style the hair in whatever way you choose.

Types of wigs and hairpieces 

Human hair: human hair wigs and hairpieces are highly versatile as they can be styled in the same fashion as natural hair. Like real hair they will lose their style in rain or humidity, and they do require more maintenance than synthetic versions. It’s also important to take the proper care with human hairpieces, as they can become dry without the natural oils from your scalp to condition them. They are the longer lasting option and are a great choice if you regularly like to change your style.

Synthetic hair: although they may not last as long, high quality synthetic wigs and hairpieces are now virtually indistinguishable in appearance from human hair versions. Although they cannot be exposed to heat styling, as this will damage the fibres, they retain their shape well and require little maintenance. There are also ‘heat friendly’ versions available which can be styled with heat, giving wearers the chance to style their hair without the level of upkeep as human hair. 

Wigs can additionally be made in different ways to suit a variety of different purposes. Classic wigs are machine made with traditional wefted rows of hair that are sewn together. These ‘capless’ wigs look natural and are durable and comfortable, however they may provide less versatility with styling. Other types include monofilament wigs, lace front wigs and hand tied caps – to find out which type would best work for you, ask your provider or specialist salon.

Choosing your new style 

Before selecting your wig or hairpiece, you’ll need to get an accurate measurement of your head size. You may find it easier to go to a specialist salon and have this done for you, as they can also advise on what styles would be best suited. If you are due to have chemotherapy it’s a good idea to go to a wig-fitting before hair loss begins, as you’ll be able to find a hairpiece most similar to your natural length, style and colour. You may also find it useful to cut a piece of hair prior to your visit, so that you can better match the colour to your new wig or hairpiece.

Pink Hair Solutions offer a wide range of wigs and hair pieces, styling products and advice suitable for those experiencing hair loss. Our aim is to support you on your journey whatever the cause of hair loss, and help return your femininity, identity and confidence. For more information or to request an appointment, please call us on 0121 350 3826 or visit our website.

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